Holiday travel method must be used to save money-1

Holiday travel can let the family feeling close association, can relax, known for knowledge … can really benefit a lot, but sometimes pocket money is not quite enough, we can not have fun, today to introduce how to purchase vacation property value for money, and I hope you a happy holiday:

This method is divided into two parts:

(1) practice:

To book a Holiday Hotel:

Hotel is often fully booked during the holidays, Holiday Hotel should book early, there are more choices, easier to set to the satisfaction of the room. ? But to get there the cheapest  Hotel set it as follows:

Please open another window with a global hotels comparison sites  >>  HotelsCombined  ,refer to the following examples of operation, you'll soon understand.

Hotel in the Kenting example:

1、After entering HotelsCombined website, enter the destination and select the relevant items in Kenting, as shown below:



2、press the "search" sent, there are many family Hotels. To which the "Howard Beach Resort Hotel" as an example:

Price only reference to the right, into the relatively certain point, there are some price cuts.



3、from top to bottom, the first to enter the subscription site is, booking information below is provided by, screenshots below:



Item 2 enter, screenshots below:



Item 3 enter, shots are as follows:



Item 4 enters, screenshots below:操作06


Here you can see a very clear basis, with Yang hotel, same room type, a booking site that offers the best price.

Note: The order to find the best rates provided, another hotel or room may be order to provide the best prices, there is no fixed.


3、After entering  HotelsCombined site, he added fiber or my favorite book, a long time, he will save you a lot of money. Wish you a happy holiday!



If you would like! Please do a good deed before the holiday travel! Charity, big or small, and really the most important!
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