2013 Taiwan Chinese Lunar New Year, Ching Ming Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival


2013 Taiwan Chinese Lunar New Year holiday is false, Executive Yuan, Chief Executive Office of Personnel said today (the 26th), the Executive Yuan has approved a 2013 government administration office calendar "nine days, consecutive holidays in 2013 include:
Total Lunar New Year holidays holiday nine days (February 9 to 17, which adjust holiday on Friday, February 15, February 23 Saturday complement work);
Children's Day and Ching Ming holidays together with a total of four days holiday weekends (April 4 to 7);
Mid-Autumn Festival together with the two-day weekend total of holiday four days (September 19 to 22, adjust holiday on September 20, September 14 Saturday complement the work).
Personnel at the general pointed out that civil servants over the years the total annual vacation days between 110-115 days, civil servants in Taiwan in 2013, total annual vacation days to 115 days.
Personnel at the general stressed that the executive branch of government office calendar applies only to public servants in government agencies, private enterprises holiday involving the Labor Standards Law related matters should be handled in accordance with the provisions of the CLA.
2013 "the administration office calendar, the personnel total at the website of the" What's New "announcement has been posted on the project
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