National public holidays of China in 2014

Day Date Holiday Comments
Wednesday January 01 New Years Day  
Thursday January 30 Chinese New Year Eve Eve of 1st lunar month
Friday January 31 Chinese New Year 1st day of 1st lunar month
Saturday February 01 Chinese New Year 2nd day of 1st lunar month
Sunday February 02 Chinese New Year 3rd day of 1st lunar month
Monday February 03 Chinese New Year 4th day of 1st lunar month
Tuesday February 04 Chinese New Year 5th day of 1st lunar month
Saturday April 05 Ching Ming Festival Qing Ming Jie, Tomb Sweeping Day or Mourning Day
Thursday May 01 Labour Day  
Friday May 02 Labour Day  
Monday June 02 Dragon Boat Festival Tuen Ng Festival
Monday September 08 Mid Autumn Festival Moon Festival
Wednesday October 01 National Day  
Thursday October 02 Chung Yeung Festival Double Ninth Festival or Dual-Yang Festival
Thursday October 02 National Day  
Friday October 03 National Day


National public holidays of China New Year festival include traditional festivals, the Gregorian calendar holidays, anniversaries and minority festivals, in addition to the holiday theme (theme days).

Public holidays in the "Labor Law" has provisions, the State Council issued the "National Holidays and Festivals approach" to regulate the chief national regulations holiday vacation, the theme festival by professional law.

Public holiday by the State Council and its departments of Personnel, Ministry of Labor and Social Security Department (Human Resources and Social Security Ministry) issued regulations to implement;

"The State Council regulations on working hours of workers' widespread use of standardized working week of 25," Paid Annual Leave Regulations "norms of workers paid vacation per year; accordance with relevant laws, regulations, weekends, statutory holidays and festivals public holidays and paid leave.
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