Valentine’s Day date each month

Valentine's Day date each month , so you sweet sweet honey dates throughout the year – Valentine's Day lovers do not miss the

Sweet lovers gluey , like valentine day , small collection of Valentine's Day dates throughout the year , so that the sun lovers sun loving righteous ! People love to take notes quickly Hello ~


Valentine's Day Diary (Diary Day): January 14 
On this day, we will give each other enough to record a couple in love violations diary throughout the year , in order to symbolize the two will be together for the next year , and leave more memories .
Hua Ting Lun Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day): February 14 
When the 3rd century AD , the Roman Emperor married men do not want to leave home to avoid the army, issued an edict prohibiting the marriage , but still violate the Bishop Ting Hua Lun emperor will, secret wedding for young people . So he was imprisoned , and in AD 273 on February 14 died in prison . To commemorate him , his martyrdom on this day set for the " China Pavilion Day Lun ", and later the world will become familiar Valentine's Day.
White Day (White Day): March 14 
Western and no so-called " White Day " tradition , in the East, February 14 after the girl sent the boy gifts to express affection , if the other party has the same impression or affection , will be in the March 14 loopback girl a Valentine gift, said another soulmate ; If the boy to the girl did not feel , as long as deliberately ignored this day , he refused to be tactful .
Black Valentine's Day (Black Day): April 14 
Although not all lovers can last forever, even once, but who says you can not loner or Kuangnanyuannv valentine ? " Black Valentine" singles who belong Valentine Day .
Yellow and Rose Valentine's Day (Yellow and Rose Day): May 14 
May is the season of roses sprout pleasant climate suited for travel , many couples are selected on this day Xiangxie outdoors outing, so May 14 is also "Rose Valentine's Day ," said.
Valentine Kiss (Kiss Day): June 14
This is an important part of the festival pairs of lovers , on this day, lovers no longer have to be shy , you can kiss openly express love for each other . Of course , drawing near, etc. Romantic candlelight dinner , but for a kiss tokens helpful Oh !
Silver Valentine's Day (Silver Day): July 14 
Silver Valentine's Day, is to bring home to your loved one know Mom and Dad , or a good opportunity to introduce to you the other respected elders . Of course , this day of all overhead by these " lovely elderly " pay < for " security" reasons, you'd better make sure the elders about this festival is very familiar > . Valentine's Day is also the lovers exchanged silver silver gifts, ornaments day.
Green Valentine's Day (Green Day): August 14 
Called green Valentine's Day, of course, and lush forests can not avoid . Unbearably hot summer afternoon , and you may wish to make a trip to the other half of the forest is cool and refreshing trip to enjoy outdoor nature through healthy and enjoyable day.
Music and photos Valentine's Day Valentine's Day (Music Day & Photo Day): September 14
Valentine's Day is a music organizing large-scale social events , singing and waving the day , but also your sweetheart will be introduced to the friends, colleagues knew a good opportunity . The single family , but also take the opportunity to look at the active site have their favorite object. Many couples prefer this day with clear blue sky photo, so on September 14 , also known as "Photo Valentine's Day ."
Valentine Wine (Wine Day): October 14
October 14 this day lovers sipping wines , poetic celebration of the fall . Usually young couple in a romantic and choose a chic restaurant for dinner, and then talk to each other on the future planning , as well as common goals and other topics.
Orange and film Valentine's Day Valentine's Day (Orange Day Movie day): November 14 
Film Valentine's Day lovers can even catch two movies , perhaps look at a thrilling action vent pressure, and then again a touching romantic drama mutual water wiping away his tears . They should also add moisture reading , and a cup of orange juice hundred percent healthy now ! Single people to this day have a cup of orange juice , of course , nobody wants to drink two glasses only happy but also have them.
Embrace Valentine's Day (Hug Day): December 14
December 14 , and would like your lover how long you can hold , hug in public occasions , declared to the world you both love , but also to become exceptionally cold winter warmth . Especially those sweetly celebrated February 14 Hua Lun Ting Valentine couple , to the end of the year can still passionate embrace , also witnessed the two feelings ever.
In fact, the sun loving without reason ah ~ hurry and the other half into the hall , wearing a sparkling wedding ring, a promise of life can go hand in hand the day and night !
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